Compounding is a pharmaceutical method used by pharmacists to adjust dosages, alter dosage forms, add flavoring, and manipulate other aspects of a particular medication. It can be used for:

    Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men & Women
    Pain Management
    Sports Medicine
    Unavailable Medications
    Wound Care
    Scar Care

Buckley's Drug Store-Compounding Center & Mardo's Gifts offers preceptorship for pharmacy students.  

We are so proud of our son Carlos Dominguez for receiving the honor of 2018 Preceptor of the Year Award from Rutgers University School of Pharmacy! Carlos is our Compounding Pharmacist who runs Buckleys Drug Store & Compounding Center preceptorship program for Pharmacy students. Students from not only New Jersey, but from Georgia, Boston and even Chicago have trained under Carlos’s leadership. Congratulations Carlos! We are so proud of you! 

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