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Reasons Why Parents Chose to Not Immunize their Kids

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2016-11-09 03:51:52

  Vaccines Immunization is a big topic nowadays that parents have to make for their children. There is this ongoing war of parents who believe that giving vaccines to their children will cause a lot of harm in the development of the child. One would then imagine parents do the first line of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as they say: “To immunize or to not immunize; that is the question.” As an expert on everything that has got to do with immunization and a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center would like to explore the reasons why parents chose not to immunize their kids. We discuss these in two categories: the “Concern”, which shows the reason and the “Truth” which explains our point of view in the matter. Concern #1: Vaccines do not work Truth: Over the course of time, we have seen the decline of infant mortality. Do you know what caused such tremendous decline? It is because of the vaccines. The majority of these are ve

Flavored Medicines: What are their effects?

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2018-04-18 03:43:07

Originally, medicines were said to be bland and gross. Perhaps because of the chemicals used to make it, their taste has not been minimized. Despite that, everyone has to endure taking them. With the emergence of compounding medicine, the face of medicines has changed throughout the years. What you often deem to be bland and gross can now taste like your favorite fruit or dessert, depending on how you would like it to be. Buckley’s Drugstore and Compounding Center is the name you can trust when it comes to a compounding pharmacy in Englewood, NJ. We make sure that we use quality and premium chemicals that are safe for everyone. What is compounding? For most people who are not that familiar with compounding in pharmacies, it pertains to breaking down the original composition of the drug and having an additional component for flavoring to make it more tasty to the consumer. In some aspects, compounding also refers to altering some components of a commercially available drug to be

4 Important Practices to Maintain your Gut Health

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2018-07-11 02:20:59

  You probably know about the importance of your gastrointestinal system or gut. However, did you know that some things could be doing more harm than good to your gut? Our gut is responsible for the body’s digestive and immune functions. Good bacteria in the digestive system impacts vitamin and mineral absorption, digestion, hormone regulation, immune response, and toxins elimination. Thus, taking care of our gut is paramount to our overall health. To maintain your gut, our Compounding pharmacy in Englewood NJ wants to suggest that you take the following seriously: 1.Reduce Sugar Consumption While high sugar intake is dangerous to your health, it has its biggest impact on your gut. Studies have revealed that excessive amounts of sugar can feed the growth of microbes that can harm your gut. While you might not be able to totally eliminate sugar in your diet, it pays to understand and manage your cravings. Being mindful can help you slowly get rid of sweeteners, fruit juice, and

How Can Pharmaceutical Delivery Services Benefit You?

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2018-08-02 01:53:03

Delivery services are something that not too many people think twice about. As a matter of fact, many of us take these services for granted. However, have you ever considered how pharmaceutical delivery services can benefit you? We usually have just about everything we need to be shipped to our front door, but medications are something that we usually physically go to the pharmacy for. However, a compounding pharmacy in Englewood, NJ offers exceptional pharmaceutical delivery services. So how can these delivery services benefit you? Homebound Convenience The main advantage of pharmaceutical delivery services is for people who are homebound. These individuals have a difficult time getting the healthcare products and prescription services in Englewood, New Jersey that they need. This is due to a number of reasons such as illness, injury, disability, or age. However, through our delivery services, we provide a convenient way for you to get your medications. Hectic Schedules When

4 Tips for Improving Your Health on the Go

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2018-08-07 04:20:35

If you are like most of us then chances are you live a busy lifestyle between work, family, chores, and other responsibilities. This can make it a challenge to maintain your health as you are always on the go and have little time. However, just because you are busy it does not mean it is impossible to maintain and improve your health. Here are a few tips that can help you live a healthier lifestyle despite your hectic schedule: Taking The Stairs One of the simplest changes you can make in your everyday life is to take the stairs. This can squeeze in exercise throughout your day and it is sometimes quicker than taking the elevator. Stair climbing is also one of the most effective exercises you can do, so it is well worth your time. It may feel challenging at first but over the time, it can help energize you. Vitamins  Vitamins are a great way to fill in nutritional gaps or to boost various aspects of your health if you do not have the time to prepare healthy meals all of the ti