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4 Important Practices to Maintain your Gut Health

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2018-07-11 02:20:59

  You probably know about the importance of your gastrointestinal system or gut. However, did you know that some things could be doing more harm than good to your gut? Our gut is responsible for the body’s digestive and immune functions. Good bacteria in the digestive system impacts vitamin and mineral absorption, digestion, hormone regulation, immune response, and toxins elimination. Thus, taking care of our gut is paramount to our overall health. To maintain your gut, our Compounding pharmacy in Englewood NJ wants to suggest that you take the following seriously: 1.Reduce Sugar Consumption While high sugar intake is dangerous to your health, it has its biggest impact on your gut. Studies have revealed that excessive amounts of sugar can feed the growth of microbes that can harm your gut. While you might not be able to totally eliminate sugar in your diet, it pays to understand and manage your cravings. Being mindful can help you slowly get rid of sweeteners, fruit juice, and