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What You Need and Want to Know About Compounding Medicine

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2017-01-20 01:39:21

Whether it’s a human being or an animal, everyone has unique needs when it comes to medicines. Sometimes, even drugs that are available commercially may not suffice and an individual patient needs a certain medicine with a different package, dosage form, etc., that is no longer manufactured and has discontinued sale. Almost all issues with medications can be solved by compounding medicine, a type of pharmaceutical service that we specialize at Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Centers, the most outstanding Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ. Compounding medicine is defined as the preparation, mixing, customizing, labeling, and packaging of a drug by a licensed compounding pharmacist to meet the specific and unique needs of an individual patient. Examples of how a compounding pharmacist customize medications are the following: Alter the medicine’s strength and dosage form. Change the form of medication, either by turning it into chewable treats or transdermal gels, for