Compounding Services: How Can They Help You?

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2018-01-18 20:38:05

We all need medications from time to time in order to maintain our health and beat back certain kinds of health conditions. However, the problem with these meds is the fact that they are developed with the average person in mind. This is...

The Advantages of Pharmaceutical Delivery Services

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2018-01-26 00:49:52

If there is one service that often goes unnoticed in the pharmacy industry , it is the delivery service. Many people know about this service but few ever take advantage of it. Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center offers...

3 Types of Food to Boost Your Immune System

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2018-02-21 00:20:53

More and more diseases affect humans every year. Illnesses that used to be just among animals eventually get its way to infecting people as well like the Ebola, Foot and Mouth disease, Bird Flu, and the like. Although science keeps...

Signs of a Weak Immune System

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2018-02-22 22:24:56

  Every now and then you catch a cold or get a fever. Usually, it lasts for just a few hours or a day. Does this mean you are healthy? Does the frequency or the duration of your illness determine the strength of your immune system ?...

6 Things to Have in Your Emergency Kit at Home

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2018-03-06 01:11:46

Typhoons, earthquakes, and floods can strike at any time so it is extremely important to be prepared for any disaster . Your family’s health and safety are at risk, so it is vital that you take steps that are towards prevention of anything...

4 Benefits of Compounding Your Medicine

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2018-03-19 02:47:28

What is medicine compounding ? This is simply the science of putting together ingredients to make a specialized version of medicine for patients. Whether you have an acute or chronic disease, you are bound to be given plenty of...

Diabetic Shoes: Are they really effective?

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2018-04-01 23:18:21

You’ll never know how difficult it is to have diabetes until you are diagnosed with it. Oftentimes, the subtle signs of diabetes are the most mundane pain and discomfort you feel. For some people, an indicator of having high blood glucose in the...

Flavored Medicines: What are their effects?

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2018-04-18 03:43:07

Originally, medicines were said to be bland and gross. Perhaps because of the chemicals used to make it, their taste has not been minimized. Despite that, everyone has to endure taking them. With the emergence of compounding medicine, the face...

5 Types of Patients That Benefit Most from Compounding

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2018-05-10 04:03:34

In a gist, compounding is the art and science of altering chemical compositions of medicines in order to suit the preferences and needs of certain patients. Since many of us are still unaware of the benefits of compounding (and its existence...

Allergic Reaction: Critical Things to Do Immediately in Case of an Attack

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2018-05-16 21:44:26

Allergy attacks can come in all shapes and sizes. But most of the time, the common symptoms include having itchy red spots, watery eyes, and rhinitis. The duration may vary from case to case basis too. And since allergic reactions can kill, no...