How Compounding Revolutionizes your Medication

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2016-11-17 01:44:01

How Compounding Revolutionizes your Medication

Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center is no stranger when it comes to compounding services for we are known to be the number one Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ.

This procedure has always left patients and other stakeholders in awe due to the many things it can do in order to answer the specific and special needs of patients. One of its many benefits is that it can give solution to the problems of patients whose needs are not met by the commercially available medications.

With the help of the authorization of the prescriber, our compounding pharmacists can prepare custom-made medicines into a variety of distinct dosage forms such as:

  1. Capsules
  2. Lollipops or troches
  3. Oral liquids
  4. Suppositories
  5. Topical preparations
  6. Nasal sprays
  7. Eye and ear drops
  8. Sterile injections


Aside from transforming your medications to the dosage forms mentioned above, Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center also caters specialized compounding services such as:

Custom Flavoring

Most oral medication forms can be given custom flavoring. If your patients are finicky when it comes to taking in medications (such problem is common in children, elderly adults and even pets), our compounding pharmacists have the solution to your problem.

Utilizing Assistive Devices

Infants can now take in medications and gulp them down using assistive devices such as pacifiers and baby bottles. Aside from making the experience friendlier to your children, you can administer these medicines more easily and more accurately.

Going Beyond Instincts

Pets never like the flavor of something bitter and may shun on things that they think smells like poison or unfamiliar. We understand these instinctive behaviors because these actions are programmed into them to help them survive in the wild.

Cats, in particular, do not eat sweet things so as not to divert their attention from the taste of meat. This can be hard for cat parents out there who are trying to give their cat their medicine.

As pharmacists, we think outside the box in order to compensate the amount of money pet owners pay for their pet’s medications. Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center caters flavor compounding specifically for veterinary uses.


If ever you are in need of sleeping pills, omega 3 supplements, deworming tablets and other medications for your beloved animal companion that tastes like a delicious turkey on Thanksgiving, a freshly caught salmon or a beefy meat, you can always come to our pharmacy for our compounding services.

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