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2016-11-17 01:24:06

Kosher Matters Here at Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center

Eating Kosher rooted from an age-old tradition that has been followed even up until these contemporary days. That is why it is the right of the people who follow this diet to be given the food that do not break the laws of their beliefs.

As a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center has recognized the needs of these individuals to consume only the foods that their ancestors have taught them to eat. Such is the reason why we customized medicines to fit their needs.

In Hebrew, “Kashrus” comes from the root word kosher or otherwise known as “kasher.” This word means suitable and/or “pure” therefore promising health and fitness for the person eating it.

There are various laws of “Kashrus” that inclusively encompasses and looks into the foods that are both forbidden and permitted to be eaten. A lot of dietary rules come along this practice and we can only consider that a food is kosher if they followed certain procedures.

  • Meat

    When we think of meat, any kind of animal always come to our mind. The Torah specifically pointed out some meat that should be eaten and these are cattle and game that have “chewed the cud” and “cloven hooves.” Animals such as bulls, cows, goats, lambs, sheep, springbok and veal are examples of kosher meat.

  • Foul or Poultry

    Birds such as eagle, owl, pelican, stork, swan, and vulture cannot be eaten including their brood or even their eggs while chicken, duck, goose and turkey are considered kosher.

  • Dairy products

    It is forbidden to eat milk from an impure cattle or game. All milk that is consumed should come from a kosher meat. Plus, dairy products that have non-kosher additives are considered a taboo. Eggs are allowed to be eaten for as long as they do not contain blood. In addition, meat products should not be eaten with milk.

  • Seafood

    Only those fishes that have fins and scales can be eaten.

  • Fruits, vegetables and cereals

    All produce that grow from the soil are considered kosher.

Being in a culturally diverse country and with only a few percentage of the population that practice this tradition, we seldom see services that cater to their needs. Even though they are a minority, we still want to cater their needs here in Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center.

If you are looking for a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ that does not go against the beliefs of our Jewish brothers and sisters, you can opt for our services by visiting

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