Debunked Myths about Vaccination

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2016-11-09 04:32:03

sirenge Because listing the different concerns parents express on vaccination is not enough for the number one Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center have decided to debunk myths surrounding the “society of skeptic parents.”

Myth #1: “Vaccine courts” exists because vaccines are, without a doubt, dangerous   Vaccine courts exist because there are rare cases that there were unanticipated side effects of vaccines. In these cases, the child, as well as their parents, is expected to be given a certain sum of money by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, otherwise known as NVICP.   Even though pharmacies are the ones who initiate the whole vaccination process, the pharmaceutical companies are not being sued in the process. It is not because no one is allowed to sue them but because of the fact that most of the cases were not in favor of the ones who sued. Why you ask? For the fact that the created vaccines were not defective but it simply carried a known risk.  When parents were furious about the results, some of them did not submit their child for vaccination. The result is that children mortality rate rose again.

Myth #2: Vaccines are only means of doctors and pharmaceutical companies to gauge money out of the parents  Take it from a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ and believe us when we say that we do not get profit out from vaccines at all. But it is simply the concept of economics why pharmaceutical companies can profit out of it just as your friendly neighbor vendor can get profit from the product he or she is selling.  The problem in our society is that some of the parents do not prioritize immunization and vaccination thus the federal government is not giving so much attention to it and does not allocate enough funds to promote it. If we only work together to put pressure in the government, there is a big possibility that our children will be immune from diseases and we do not have to suffer from it.

Myth #3 : Some vaccines have worst side effects than the actual disease  Before a vaccine is released for public consumption, it should be processed for 15 years and must go four phases of testing. It is even tested in adults first then in children. After the series of testing, the FDA then inspects the results thoroughly before giving an okay. After that, it is passed to the American Academy of Family Physicians, CDC, and AAP for further confirmation. This is how meticulous the whole process is.   We hope that you can squeeze some learning out from this blog. And remember, vaccinate your children and help us fight against infant mortality. Do you have any questions for our Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ regarding vaccines? Ask them now.

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