Compounding: 6 Things You Most Definitely Need to Know

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2016-10-28 02:44:05

Compounding is the process of preparing personalized medication. Most pharmacies now offer compounding as a service. One such pharmacy is Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center, a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ. At Buckley’s we believe that compounding is an essential process in order for patients to be able to take in a medication that actually works for them. As a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, we take note here the six (6) things you most definitely need to know about compounding:
1. It all started with compounding.
The manufacture of drugs only started in the 50s and the 60s. Before that, all prescriptions given by physicians needed to be compounded then. Unlike the present, a pharmacist’s role as a person who prepares medication was very critical. But with the rapid rise in the mass production of ‘one-size-fits-all’ drug, a pharmacist’s role was lowered to that of a person who dispenses medication instead.

2. Unlike manufactured drug, compounding is specific to a patient’s medical needs.
As mentioned previously, manufactured drugs are prepared as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ dosage. But this ‘one-size-fits-all’ claim do not actually work for everyone. With compounding specific to what a patient actually really needs, we are sure that an individual’s unique needs are met.

3. Compounding is at the heart of the practice of pharmacy.
Compounding is a crucial skill for pharmacists. No pharmacist without the proper training on compounding is allowed to prepare a medication. Schools and universities offering pharmacy as a degree include compounding in their curricula. As compounding has become in demand once again in spite of the presence of manufactured drugs, more and more schools are now making sure that pharmacists are equipped with the necessary compounding knowledge and skills before they are granted their licenses.

4. Sometimes, a compounded drug is the better option.
There are times when certain medical needs of patients cannot be met by consuming manufactured drugs. There are times patients are allergic to certain components of synthesized medication too. Furthermore, certain dosage forms are required like liquid forms for kids and the elderly. Compounding makes these unique conditions possible.

5. Compounding gives access to discontinued medications.
When a certain medication’s demand in the market decreases, manufacturers discontinue its production. This is when compounding becomes handy. Compounding gives one access to medications no longer in the market.

6. Compounding is done for veterinary practice as well.
Compounding is not only beneficial to people but to animals as well. There are veterinary drugs that are compounded to meet the special needs of a pet. Veterinarians prescribe these sorts of medication to be compounded.

If you are looking for a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center is the place to be. Enjoy our compounding services at a very reasonable price. Learn more of our services by checking our website or contacting us through this online form. Here at Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center, you have everything you need.

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