5 Types of Patients That Benefit Most from Compounding

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2018-05-10 04:03:34


In a gist, compounding is the art and science of altering chemical compositions of medicines in order to suit the preferences and needs of certain patients. Since many of us are still unaware of the benefits of compounding (and its existence in the first place), many patients think that they are already out of options.

Thanks to compounding, greater health risks will be minimized. No need for the market to offer other drug variants because, with your specially designed drug, your health needs will be addressed smoothly.

Compounding helps a wide array of patients. Read the list we at Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center made below. You might be one of them!

  • Patients with allergies

    Numerous patients cannot take a supposedly effective medicine for their condition or disease. Why is this so? ALLERGIES. Since allergic attacks are dangerous too, they cannot just take the pill and jump at the possible risks. Thankfully, compounding is born. The process can eliminate allergens while keeping the healing component of the drugs.

  • Patients with swallowing problems.

    Normally, drugs are packaged in tablets and capsules. However, due to some circumstances, other patients are not amenable to that. Those who suffered from a stroke or had serious physical trauma in the neck area can have trouble taking oral medicines. But thankfully, compounding can solve this. Tablets and capsules can be liquefied so that patients can take them in easier.

  • Patients that are unconscious.

    What if a patient that has maintenance medicine stays in comatose? That would be a life-threatening dilemma. To keep up with their bodies’ medical demands, their needed drugs must be altered in form. Some drugs can be transformed into an injectable form. Others can be made applicable as an ointment and be applied externally.

  • Patients with prescription medication that is no longer offered in the general market. Medicines are usually phased out on the market due to clinical or economic issues. Whatever the reason is, it is never good if that medicine is most effective on you. This is where compounding comes in. That drug can be revived once more through chemical engineering.
  • Senior citizens and children.

    Two of the most sensitive patients are the elderly and the young ones. Due to their susceptibility to illness and discriminating taste, some medicines just do not work for them. The most concrete example is the flavor, but compounding can be utilized to save the day!

Crafting personalized medicines is no easy feat. You will need professional hands and state-of-the-art facilities to acquire optimum results. And since lives are at stakes here, you should never settle for less. If you need a reliable Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood, NJ, we are a team you can always count on – Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center.

Do not know much about compounding yet? Our trained and experienced professionals will be glad to discuss its benefits with you. Visit us soon!

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