Immunization: Why is it important?

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2016-10-18 05:49:34

There are certain diseases in the world that impale our bodies once we are caught off-guard. No matter how healthy we make sure the food we eat is every time, how often we drink water or how much we take complete rest, once our bodies’ antibodies fail to counter foreign invaders, we will definitely fall ill. Immunity to certain diseases is a priority amongst everything else. Immunity is developed once our antibodies fight off the germs or bacteria that make us sick and protect us from the same germs when they enter our bodies the second time around. Without having to fall ill first, immunity is achieved through vaccines. What are vaccines and why are they important?

Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center is a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ. Out of all its services as a pharmacy, Buckley’s is famous for administering immunizations: Flu Vaccine, Pneuno Coccal Vaccine, and Vaccine for Shingles. As a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, we believe that prevention of certain diseases is a far greater cause than cure which is why we offer immunization services here at Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center. We believe that vaccines most certainly need to be administered not only to children but to adults as well.

Vaccines are actually made from the same germs that cause a particular disease but these set of germs are the weak or killed ones. Vaccines are almost always administered through injections. Once vaccines enter our bodies, our bodies react by fighting off the vaccine (as it resembles the disease-causing germs) and develop antibodies. The antibodies destroy the germs and thus the body develops immunity to such germs. If time comes for the body to be exposed to the real thing, with the body having developed immunity through the vaccine, our body’s antibodies fights off the foreign invaders.

Most people think that only infants or toddlers can get immunizations. Vaccines are not just for kids. They help adults become healthy and strong too. Kids and adults need to be vaccinatedfor the following reasons:

  • Vaccines help protect against serious diseases. Vaccines are developed for the hard hitting ones. Certain diseases make people sick to the point of hospitalization. Some even succumbed to death. These are the type of diseases vaccines are manufactured for. Vaccines are made specific to age, health, and lifestyle which makes it applicable not only for children but to teens and adults as well.

  • Vaccines reduce certain infectious diseases that have plagued millions of children before. Before the advent of vaccines, certain diseases have greatly harmed and killed hundreds and thousands of people - both young and old. These outbreaks then were huge obstacles for medical practitioners. With vaccines, these outbreaks are now a thing of the past.

  • Vaccines provide us an option to train our bodies. Vaccines are like the training commanders and generals that our body needs. Vaccines train the body to fight off disease-causing germs and bacteria. They are like drill masters that make sure our bodies are prepared once the real threats come.

Vaccines are proven and tested to save lives. Before it gets too late for you, make sure you have your self checked and immunized. Visit Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center today and check our list of immunizations. Yes, we are a Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ but our services are not only limited to compounding. Make use of our immunization services too. For more information on our services, visit our website or fill out this online form to contact us.

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