Flavored Medicines: What are their effects?

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2018-04-18 03:43:07

Flavored-Medicines-What-are-their-effectsOriginally, medicines were said to be bland and gross. Perhaps because of the chemicals used to make it, their taste has not been minimized. Despite that, everyone has to endure taking them. With the emergence of compounding medicine, the face of medicines has changed throughout the years.

What you often deem to be bland and gross can now taste like your favorite fruit or dessert, depending on how you would like it to be. Buckley’s Drugstore and Compounding Center is the name you can trust when it comes to a compounding pharmacy in Englewood, NJ.

We make sure that we use quality and premium chemicals that are safe for everyone.

What is compounding?

For most people who are not that familiar with compounding in pharmacies, it pertains to breaking down the original composition of the drug and having an additional component for flavoring to make it more tasty to the consumer.

In some aspects, compounding also refers to altering some components of a commercially available drug to be more patient-friendly. Every patient has a different reaction the drug that is being prescribed to them by the doctor; hence, it could hamper their recovery because of the body's inability to absorb everything. With the use of compounding, pharmacists can modify the ingredients by taking out the unwanted component and replacing it with its better alternative.

Do compounded medicines still have the same effects?

Some people are quite apprehensive about compounding because it may not bring the same desired result of the original composition of the medicine. But, do not fret! Pharmacists have claimed that adding flavors to medicine does not directly affect the effectivity of the drug.

In fact, the function of such flavoring is to merely make it consumer-friendly. Our ultimate goal in compounding is to make every prescription drug edible for everyone. We want you to feel better in a short span of time. The key to achieving this is by following the doctor's orders and by taking your medication regularly.

Generally, the effects of such added flavoring to the drug is not felt. It merely adds taste to the bland medicine in order for the consumer to be able to take it.

Still not sure about compounding medicines? Ask our pharmacists about it at Buckley’s Drugstore and Compounding Center. We have a team of qualified and licensed individuals. Our quality drugs are made just for you!

Your health is our main priority. This why we endeavor to innovate and bring quality drugs to the market. Not only do we want to improve your health, but we also want you to have a good experience when you shop at our pharmacy. For orders and queries, you can leave us a message or consult with our pharmacists today!

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