6 Things to Have in Your Emergency Kit at Home

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2018-03-06 01:11:46

Typhoons, earthquakes, and floods can strike at any time so it is extremely important to be prepared for any disaster. Your family’s health and safety are at risk, so it is vital that you take steps that are towards prevention of anything that may harm them. Here are the essentials:

  • Bottled Water. This goes on top of the list because humans cannot survive without water. There may be another water source around you but it may be contaminated when disaster strikes. Always make sure to put enough bottles of water stored for your family. Pro Tip: Get a potable water filtration system or iodine water purification tablets. These will help you just in case you run out of bottled water.

  • Flashlights. These are extremely important, as these may help you get out of any difficult paths and check surroundings for ways out. You can get hand flashlights or head strap flashlights to free your hands of anything and use them to make your way out.

  • Food. Your body will lose energy if you stay trapped or stranded for too long. Make sure you have food like energy bars, canned goods, and other non-perishables. If you want lighter food, the best choice would be the energy bars, as they are already packed with calories and sugar to keep you going for longer.

  • Whistle. These are important especially when you are trapped and you get too exhausted to shout and scream for help. It will help you alert the people of your situation. It will also allow you to get help quickly. Identification Cards and Papers. You don’t know this yet but if a flood comes along and sweeps away all of your stuff at home, your IDs are important so you can get identified by authorities. These should be placed in a sealed plastic to prevent it from getting wet.

  • Medical Supplies or Medical Equipment. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, always have spare medicine or equipment in your emergency kit. Sometimes it may take days for any help to arrive, so it is always good to be prepared.

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