3 Types of Food to Boost Your Immune System

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2018-02-21 00:20:53

3 Types of Food to Boost Your Immune System

More and more diseases affect humans every year. Illnesses that used to be just among animals eventually get its way to infecting people as well like the Ebola, Foot and Mouth disease, Bird Flu, and the like. Although science keeps advancing, some ailments remain incurable like cancer and AIDS. While people have antibiotics handy, some viruses have developed immunity to it which made antibacterial drugs now a prescription medicine. As alarming as it may sound, there are ways to keep yourself strong against sicknesses. You can get your vitamins and medicines from the best Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ which is Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center.

If your immune system is strong, your body might just be able to ward off the onset or worsening of these incurable infections and viruses, plus you would always be guarded against the common flu and colds. You should start strengthening your body from sickness, especially in your fragile age and condition.


Forget the ice cream or the cake, there is a way better alternative for your after meal cravings – yogurt! Not only is it tasty on its own, per Greek yogurt, but it is great to eat with your favorite fruits which are as well filled with a lot of vitamins. Yogurt has live good bacteria in it that helps fight the bad bateria or is good at creating a balanced microbiome. Yogurt can help heal infections especially those that are involved in your digestive tracts, mouth, and excretory systems. Besides correcting your body’s bacterial community, it is amazing for one’s think tank as well. The gut in your stomach has neurotransmitters, which means, if you have a gut filled with bad bacteria, your thinking can be affected as well.

Green Tea

Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon with tea, or having tea before bedtime or sipping tea any time of the day. It is calming. And the warmth just feels like a hug in the stomach. Well, it is delightful to know that green tea is not only soothing but it helps build a strong immune system as well. Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG which is a strong antioxidant. It is also equipped with L-theanine which assists in fighting germs.


If you worry about only taking immune system boosters through something that does not get your stomach full, chill, actually you can get it from something as scrumptious as chicken! Poultry consists of vitamin b6 which is good for your red blood cells. You can get something so nutritious from something so delicious. Sometimes what is good for our body is difficult to ingest. When it comes to drugs that are not so much into your liking, you can always have it modified through a compounding pharmacy in Englewood NJ.

Through this tasty food, germ-fighting does not seem so difficult. It is just same when you have medication or vitamins that need a little bit of tweaking through Buckley’s Drug Store and Compounding Center.

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