The Reasons Why the World Needs Heroes

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2017-05-19 01:22:21

The Reasons Why the World Needs Heroes

Heroes are the personification of justice. We look up to them and live our lives according to their excellence. We return the justice they have given us by making sure we are doing what we can to make these sacrifices worthwhile.

Why do we need heroes? Why must some people risk their lives, comfort, and dreams for the sake of others? What is the reason for their existence in the first place? Here are our 5 main reasons:

  • Heroes save us.

    We all have our favorite superheroes. But no matter whom you choose from Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Spiderman, and other plethora of comic book characters, we all share something in common, it is the fascination on how they save people which leads to our own salvation.

  • Heroes give us hope.

    Heroes are basically the epitome of hope. If disasters strike or when a villainous foe appears to wreck havoc, hope seems to be lost. However, it gets restored as the hero enters the scene and saves the day.

  • Heroes help us solve our problems.

    The world is not a perfect place. No one is living the perfect life as of the moment. We have different problems, but it does not mean these problems are not solved if not by us, then with the help of other people. Only then can we say that a hero just flown into our life and changed the world for us.

  • Heroes encourage justice.

    We often associate heroes with justice. After all, they are the ones who keep promoting it in the first place. They fight for the sake of the weak. They remind the powerful bullies to stand low and commit to following the laws and upholding human rights. Furthermore, heroes prevent untoward incidences and injustices from happening.

Of course, there are tons of reasons why we need heroes. Those listed above are just some of these. Share us your own by leaving us a comment down below.

May is the month we get to remember all the people who have risked their lives to fight for our country. On the 29th day of May this year, join us as we celebrate Memorial Day. Give our heroes the reward and praise they deserve.

Heroes, just because your profession requires you to sacrifice yourself, it does not mean you should neglect your health. Even without studies and researches, we all know that no one can ever perform their duties and responsibilities well if they are not in top condition.

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Happy Memorial Day! This is a message from all the staff here in Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center.


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