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2017-04-07 06:31:29

Health is a top priority for every household. Knowing that every family member is disease-free makes the entire household happier and more productive. Thus, harnessing enough defense mechanisms is essential in keeping them ready to fight diseases. A necessary step towards keeping a healthy family is choosing the right partner pharmacy for your family’s medical needs. Here are few reasons why we at Buckley’s, a compounding pharmacy in Englewood NJ, should be at the top of your list:

A Good History of Providing Excellent Pharmacy Services Aside from choosing a pharmacy that’s close to your home, it is also important to invest trust on one that has proven itself in handling prescriptions in the safest way possible, through time. At Buckley’s Drug Store-Compounding Center & Mardo's Gifts, we have dedicated over eighty years serving the Englewood community and adjacent towns. Our friendly staff continues to provide specialized personal care, in addition to the excellent pharmacy services that our company is widely known for.

Safe Compounding At Buckley’s, we recognize the fact that every patient requires a unique set of medical needs. That is why we put priority in delivering quality drug compounding services that will match the exact strength and dosage form required by every patient.

A Wide Array of Immunizations As partakers in keeping families healthy, we take an active role in understanding and managing all of your immunization needs. We make sure to recommend and administer immunizations that are appropriate and safe for every member of your family. At Buckley’s, we offer Immunizations for Flu, Shingles, and Pneumococca.

Convenient Home Deliveries Accessibility is another key factor in choosing a pharmacy for your family. With a wide range of products and services, we can assure your family that quality medications at affordable rates are always within your reach.

Other services As your friendly neighborhood pharmacy, we want to provide not just your immediate medical supplies, but also gifts through Mardo’s Gifts, a one-of-a-kind shop for every occasion. In our newly renovated and beautifully designed building, we have unique gifts for women, men, and children, ranging from jewelry, accessories, hostess gifts, baby clothes, and a lot more. The holistic well-being of a family plays a significant role in keeping a healthy and harmonious community. That is why we at Buckley’s Drug Store- Compounding Center & Mardo’s Gifts continue to provide affordable and safe medical supply needs and gifts!

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for medical supplies, pharmacy services, and other special items, visit us, or call Buckley's Drug Store-Compounding Center & Mardo's Gifts at 201-569-1345 today.

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