Compounding Medication: How does it benefit everyone?

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2017-03-21 03:25:58

A lot of people tolerate the idea of taking large tablets, bitter-tasting medicines, and unsafe medicine dosages just because they want to recover. But you do not need to suffer from these unfavorable situations because there is actually a better way to conveniently and safely recover, and that is through compounding.

“Compounding is a pharmaceutical method used by pharmacists to adjust dosages, alter dosage forms, add flavoring, and manipulate other aspects of a particular medication.”

Here’s why compounding is beneficial to everyone:

        • Safe for sensitive people – there are people who have sensitive bodies. Some people may respond effectively to a medication, while some may experience complications due their body’s sensitivity, usually called allergic reactions. When people have allergies to certain ingredients in a medicine, it will become harder for them to recover, and possibly experience mild to fatal allergies. Luckily, compounding medication is here. Compounding can safely generate medicines to sensitive people by removing that certain ingredient which the patient is allergic to. Through a physician’s advice, one can benefit a safer, allergy-free medication.
        • Ability to use discontinued medications – there are some medicines which have been discontinued in the pharmaceutical industry for many reasons. If by chance you need that certain medicine and it’s no longer available in any other pharmacies, then Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center is here to help you. We can provide you with the medicine you truly need through our compounding services.
        • Convenient for people with unique needs – some people, like kids and seniors, lack the ability to take certain medicines which are in forms of tablet, capsule, or caplet due to various reasons like size and dosage component. This makes the patient unable to conveniently and safely recover. But through compounding, the patient can acquire the same medicine, efficacy, and quality, but in a different medicine type such as liquid, lotion, cream, candy, lollipop, and others. Through this, the patient can conveniently continue medication without complications.
        • Ability to achieve flavorful medication – some patients, especially kids, hate the usual taste of medicines – bitter. This is one of the main reasons why children experience stressful medication time. Through compounding, children, and even parents, will be able to experience stress-free and fun medication time. Why? Because through compounding, flavorful medicines are achievable.

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