Compounding Medicine and How It Helps You Comply to Your...

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2017-01-12 21:42:51

Compounding Medicine and How It Helps You Comply to Your Prescriptions

It’s only natural that humans have unique needs and this is especially true when it comes to medicines. While doctors generally prescribe the same medicine for the same medical condition, some patients may face some issues with taking their prescriptions. Issues such as swallowing difficulties or allergy problems may give patients a hard time in taking their medications. Aside from that, certain prescribed medicines may no longer be found among the sea of mass-produced drugs and the only way to obtain it is through compounding.

Compounding medicine is a method of modifying, reformulating, or creating drugs according to the special needs of the patient. It has been performed by pharmacists from the ancient years of medicine. As the world became more industrialized, however, and mass-production becomes the new trend, compounding medicine temporarily went obsolete. Today, due to the increasing special needs of patients, compounding pharmacies, like us, at Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center, the premier Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, have become more in-demand.

Medication-Related Issues that Compounding Medicine Resolves Dosage Accuracy

Almost all of the drugs available in the market today are mass-produced and have uniformed dosage and packaging. When the dosage prescribed to you by your doctor may no longer be available in the market, compounding pharmacists are able to customize the same drug with the exact dosage that you need for simpler administration.

Obsolete Drugs

There are specific types and brands of drugs that are no longer produced and are rarely found, if not completely unavailable, in the market. Compounding pharmacists may be able to collect the ingredients of the drug you need and formulate it for you.

Difficulty in Swallowing Pills

When it’s hard for people to swallow their pills, they often just cut it in half or crush it into tiny pieces. This practice is not advisable as it will lead to taking doses that are less or more than what was prescribed. Whether the medicine is intended for an adult with a dysphagia or a young child who is not capable of swallowing a pill, compounding pharmacists can easily customize the medicine and turn it into a smaller pill for easier swallowing.

Alternative Administration

There are special cases wherein the patient can’t ingest the medicine he is prescribed with as it will cause certain side-effects, such as stomach discomforts or drowsiness. In this case, the compounding pharmacist will alter the medication for it has a different administering. An example of this would be turning the medicine into transdermal gels that can be easily applied to the skin, instead of ingesting. This method is often suggested by veterinarians to owners of sick pets that are not able to swallow their medicines.

Foul Flavour and Smell

Some patients, especially little kids, can’t stand the taste and smell of medicines and may end up adamantly refusing to take their meds. The compounding pharmacist will simply add flavour and reduce the offending smell to make it more palatable to those with a sensitive sense of smell and taste. Medicines can also be compounded into lollipops or chewable candies to make it easier for children to take.

Allergy to Specific Ingredient

No matter how safe a drug is, it may still contain some active ingredients that will trigger allergies or any physical discomforts for some people. Instead of discontinuing the prescribed medicine, compounding pharmacists can easily modify the drug and remove any offending ingredient present to make it safer and more convenient to take.

When you’re having issues with the prescribed medicine you’re taking, instead of thinking that the drug is not for you and deciding to discontinue it, consult an expert compounding pharmacist on what alternatives are available. Doctors only prescribe medicines that they think are right for you and any issues you have with it should simply be resolved without having to discontinue the prescription. If you have any problems with taking your medications or you are aware that it is no longer available in the market, let us, at Buckley's Drug Store & Compounding Center, the number one Compounding Pharmacy in Englewood NJ, help you. Visit us at

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