The Amazing Power of a Flavored Medication for Pets

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2016-12-07 03:06:29


Giving medicine to a child or an elderly is extremely challenging. Even an adult makes faces and hates the experience of gulping down that bitter-tasting pill or syrup, how much more when we let the younger or older generation take the medicine? Once we are in that situation wherein you have no choice but to volunteer to do the job, you definitely need pertinence and effort.

However, there are also other living creatures that you need to feed these medications to. Giving them their tablet or syrup can be a whole new challenge by itself as it is almost impossible to administer it to them. These creatures are your pets.

To be blunt, you cannot actually put the blame on a pet if they do not want to take its medication especially if it involves swallowing a pill. As a response to this, have you actually considered forcing down the tablet with a drinking water? You may have thought this is a good idea but in actuality, it is not.

Unlike our own esophagus which goes down vertically, animals have a horizontal route thus the privilege of the power of gravity does not work on them. They need to nibble, lick or swig their medications the way they do with their food. But with the assistance of a Compounding Pharmacy in Eaglewood NJ, we can avoid giving our pet the dilemma of swallowing a dry pill. How? Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center can add flavor to your pet’s medication.

Eventually, when a flavor is added, the pill or the liquid prescription is combined in a delicious and familiar-tasting mixture which can easily slide through the esophagus of your pet.

How do we do compounding?

Compounding for animals is not synonymous to crushing their tablet and hiding or mixing it with their food. Why is that so? It is because there may be some chemicals on their medications that will react to the chemical change when muddled up with their food therefore rendering it useless.

The safest and the most secured way in administering medicine to your pet is to turn the bad-tasting or bitter treatment into a liquid manner and flavor it so that your animal would accept it willingly.

As a Compounding Pharmacy in Eaglewood NJ, Buckley’s Drug Store & Compounding Center has offered professional assistance to various veterinary hospitals or clinics when it comes to compounding veterinary prescriptions.

When you say compounding, it basically involves combining or altering the form of the medicine. Other than adding flavors, we make use of a compounding formula in crushing tablets or capsules, making them into fine powders and we will then mix them with the compounding solution.

For example, as for a bad-tasting treatment for cats, we add a bitterness neutralizer, and then we mix in the kind of flavoring which the cat like. On the other hand, dogs, birds and even exotic animals, need sweet tastes thus we add a sweetening enhancer for a pet-friendly taste.

What flavors would your pet prefer and why?


If you have cats and want to administer a medicine to them, know that they actually do not have sensory receptors which are needed in tasting sweet flavor. They cannot respond well with sweet tastes unlike the dogs. They also will never like drugs with bitter taste which is normal since we do not like bitter drugs ourselves.

The feline creatures prefer flavors such as:

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Sardine
  • Shrimp
  • And other seafood variety

Aside from that, they also want medicines that tastes like:

  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Beef


With regards to the dogs, they prefer the following flavors to be in their medications:

  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Sweet-flavored foods
  • Peanut butter
  • Bubble gum


Dogs and ferrets have the same tastes.

Gerbils and birds

Gerbils and birds like sweet and fruity flavors.


Horses would like apple and molasses.

A Compounding Pharmacy in Eaglewood NJ is just the perfect place for your needs when it comes to medication for pets. We love to have you at our store so visit us soon!

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